Cheese for Mice Beta

Total Cheese Gathered

Title Achievement
Little MouseGather 0 cheese
Greedy MouseGather 5 cheese
Here ! Cheese !Gather 20 cheese
Yeeeeah Cheese ^^Gather 100 cheese
Cheeeeeese *-*Gather 200 cheese
Activist MouseGather 300 cheese
Unionized MouseGather 400 cheese
Mouse on StrikeGather 500 cheese
Glutton MouseGather 600 cheese
GleanyGather 700 cheese
Plumpy MouseGather 800 cheese
Paunchy MouseGather 900 cheese
Chubby MouseGather 1,000 cheese
Fluffy MouseGather 1,100 cheese
Tubby MouseGather 1,200 cheese
The ChubbyGather 1,300 cheese
The PuffyGather 1,400 cheese
The Cheese InitiatedGather 1,500 cheese
The Cheese AdeptGather 1,600 cheese
The Cheese PriestGather 1,700 cheese
The ReaperGather 1,800 cheese
Cheese FinderGather 2,000 cheese
Cheese KnightGather 2,300 cheese
CheesegrubberGather 2,700 cheese
FattyGather 3,200 cheese
Stout MouseGather 3,800 cheese
Cheese LoverGather 4,600 cheese
CamembertGather 6,000 cheese
Pont-L'ÉvêqueGather 7,000 cheese
Cheese CatcherGather 8,000 cheese
It's Over 9000Gather 9,001 cheese
CollectorGather 10,000 cheese
CheeseleaderGather 14,000 cheese
Cheese ThiefGather 18,000 cheese
Cheese CreatorGather 22,000 cheese
Cheese PizzaGather 26,000 cheese
Cheese MinisterGather 30,000 cheese
Prodigy MouseGather 34,000 cheese
Princess Of TransformiceGather 38,000 cheese
CheesoholicGather 42,000 cheese
The Cheesen OneGather 46,000 cheese
Sailor MouseGather 50,000 cheese
Om Nom NomGather 55,000 cheese
*-*Gather 60,000 cheese
Cheese AddictGather 65,000 cheese
CheesusGather 70,000 cheese
Queen of CheeseGather 75,000 cheese
MAH CHEESE!Gather 80,000 cheese

Cheese Gathered First

Title Achievement
Fast MouseGather 1 cheese first
Agile MouseGather 10 cheese first
Pirate MouseGather 100 cheese first
Ninja MouseGather 200 cheese first
Rogue MouseGather 300 cheese first
LooterGather 400 cheese first
StalkerGather 500 cheese first
Frothy MouseGather 600 cheese first
The SilentGather 700 cheese first
Hawk MouseGather 800 cheese first
Cobra MouseGather 900 cheese first
SpidermouseGather 1,000 cheese first
Quick SilverGather 1,100 cheese first
Athletic MouseGather 1,200 cheese first
Hasty MouseGather 1,400 cheese first
Rocket MouseGather 1,600 cheese first
Sonic The MouseGather 1,800 cheese first
PinglessGather 2,000 cheese first
KamikazeGather 2,200 cheese first
Warrior MouseGather 2,400 cheese first
Mach 1Gather 2,600 cheese first
HunterGather 2,800 cheese first
First!Gather 3,000 cheese first
SniperGather 3,200 cheese first
FlashGather 3,400 cheese first
SupermouseGather 3,600 cheese first
Light SpeedGather 3,800 cheese first
Time TravelerGather 4,000 cheese first
Fast WindGather 4,500 cheese first
E=MouseC²Gather 5,000 cheese first
JumperGather 5,500 cheese first
The UntouchableGather 6,000 cheese first
DynamiteGather 7,000 cheese first
SpeedmasterGather 8,000 cheese first
WhirlwindGather 9,000 cheese first
Wall-JumperGather 10,000 cheese first
SprinterGather 12,000 cheese first
BatmouseGather 14,000 cheese first
The UnseenGather 16,000 cheese first
UnstoppableGather 18,000 cheese first
The Wind MasterGather 20,000 cheese first
¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!Gather 25,000 cheese first
TorpedoGather 30,000 cheese first
Speedy GorgonzolaGather 35,000 cheese first
LIGHTNINGGather 40,000 cheese first

Shaman Saves

Title Achievement
Shaman DiscipleSave 10 mice as shaman
Accomplished ShamanSave 100 mice as shaman
ShamanSave 1,000 mice as shaman
Shaman MasterSave 2,000 mice as shaman
Inspired ShamanSave 3,000 mice as shaman
Shaman ChampionSave 4,000 mice as shaman
Glorious ShamanSave 5,000 mice as shaman
Shaman DuchessSave 6,000 mice as shaman
Shaman PrincessSave 7,000 mice as shaman
Shaman EmpressSave 8,000 mice as shaman
Legendary ShamanSave 9,000 mice as shaman
Immortal ShamanSave 10,000 mice as shaman
The Chosen ShamanSave 11,000 mice as shaman
Holy ShamanSave 12,000 mice as shaman
Shaman OracleSave 13,000 mice as shaman
Shaman ProphetSave 14,000 mice as shaman
ShamarvelousSave 15,000 mice as shaman
Ancient ShamanSave 16,000 mice as shaman
Fearless ShamanSave 18,000 mice as shaman
Almight ShamanSave 20,000 mice as shaman
Architect ShamanSave 22,000 mice as shaman
MademoiselleSave 24,000 mice as shaman
Lady ChamaneSave 26,000 mice as shaman
LovedSave 28,000 mice as shaman
MagicianSave 30,000 mice as shaman
Hero of MiceSave 35,000 mice as shaman
Angel ShamanSave 40,000 mice as shaman
The CreatorSave 45,000 mice as shaman
Absolute ShamanSave 50,000 mice as shaman
Miraculous ShamanSave 55,000 mice as shaman
LiberatorSave 60,000 mice as shaman
Troll ShamanSave 65,000 mice as shaman
Ghost ShamanSave 70,000 mice as shaman
SpiritSave 75,000 mice as shaman
Demigoddess ShamanSave 80,000 mice as shaman
Last HopeSave 85,000 mice as shaman
RedeemerSave 90,000 mice as shaman
Goddess ShamanSave 100,000 mice as shaman
Alpha & OmegaSave 140,000 mice as shaman

Hard Mode Saves

Title Achievement
DecoratorSave 500 mice in hard mode
BuilderSave 2,000 mice in hard mode
ManufacturerSave 4,000 mice in hard mode
TechnicianSave 7,000 mice in hard mode
MechanicSave 10,000 mice in hard mode
SpecialistSave 14,000 mice in hard mode
InventorSave 18,000 mice in hard mode
EngineerSave 22,000 mice in hard mode
Inventive MouseSave 26,000 mice in hard mode
Ingenious MouseSave 30,000 mice in hard mode
VirtuosoSave 34,000 mice in hard mode

Divine Mode Saves

Title Achievement
SmartSave 500 mice in divine mode
Mice's friendSave 2,000 mice in divine mode
ProfessorSave 4,000 mice in divine mode
DesignerSave 7,000 mice in divine mode
MysteriousSave 10,000 mice in divine mode
ShamazingSave 15,000 mice in divine mode
Cheese DetectorSave 20,000 mice in divine mode
The BrainSave 25,000 mice in divine mode
MajesticSave 30,000 mice in divine mode
DivinitySave 40,000 mice in divine mode

Completed Bootcamps

Title Achievement
RookieComplete 1 bootcamp maps
NeophyteComplete 3 bootcamp maps
PrivateComplete 5 bootcamp maps
Deft MouseComplete 7 bootcamp maps
Solo ArtistComplete 10 bootcamp maps
CaporalComplete 15 bootcamp maps
Accurate MouseComplete 20 bootcamp maps
BootcampeurComplete 25 bootcamp maps
SergeantComplete 30 bootcamp maps
Corner JumperComplete 40 bootcamp maps
Skilled MouseComplete 50 bootcamp maps
LieutenantComplete 60 bootcamp maps
LongjumperComplete 70 bootcamp maps
IncredimouseComplete 80 bootcamp maps
Bootcamp AddictComplete 90 bootcamp maps
CapitainComplete 100 bootcamp maps
Dexterous MouseComplete 120 bootcamp maps
ManiacComplete 140 bootcamp maps
MajorComplete 160 bootcamp maps
Cheese ArtistComplete 180 bootcamp maps
AcrobatComplete 200 bootcamp maps
ColonelComplete 250 bootcamp maps
ShortcutterComplete 300 bootcamp maps
TarzanComplete 350 bootcamp maps
GénéralComplete 400 bootcamp maps
Living LegendComplete 500 bootcamp maps
StuntmouseComplete 600 bootcamp maps
ProComplete 700 bootcamp maps
Chuck SourisComplete 800 bootcamp maps
Queen of BootcampComplete 900 bootcamp maps
Gravity MasterComplete 1,000 bootcamp maps

Shop Accessories

Title Achievement
Nice MouseBuy 1 accessories from the shop
Adorable MouseBuy 2 accessories from the shop
Charming MouseBuy 5 accessories from the shop
Pretty MouseBuy 10 accessories from the shop
Cute MouseBuy 15 accessories from the shop
Frivolous MouseBuy 20 accessories from the shop
Snob MouseBuy 25 accessories from the shop
Stylish MouseBuy 30 accessories from the shop
Actress MouseBuy 35 accessories from the shop
Fashion MouseBuy 40 accessories from the shop
SexyBuy 45 accessories from the shop
SuperStarBuy 50 accessories from the shop


Title Achievement
FromadminBe a Transformice admin
SourigamiBe a Transformice admin
La BeletteBe a Transformice admin
El PinoleroBe a Transformice admin
Kikoo AdminBe a Transformice admin
QueijadinhaBe a Transformice admin
Dehset AdminBe a Transformice admin
La GoulueBe a Transformice admin
Souris ÉlectriqueBe a Transformice admin
Gold SaintBe a Transformice admin
Le BourrinBe a Transformice admin
Crazy Cat LadyBe a Transformice admin

India Independence Day

Title Achievement
NamasteCopy the emote of the mouse in the center of the map then solve the puzzle

USA Independence Day

Title Achievement
PatrioticClick on the Statue of Liberty's book to obtain a puzzle piece. Follow the instructions on the completed puzzle once you get all 9 pieces.

Bastille Day

Title Achievement
Sans-culotteTurn the lights on the Eiffel Tower

April Fools' Day

Title Achievement
Tonnerre de BrestComplete the 2012 April Fools' day map

Easter 2014

Title Achievement
ChocovoreGather 1 egg(s) in the Easter event
ChocobunnyGather 3 egg(s) in the Easter event
CocoaGather 10 egg(s) in the Easter event
Cock-a-doodle-dooGather 20 egg(s) in the Easter event
ChickenGather 50 egg(s) in the Easter event
Egg hunterGather 100 egg(s) in the Easter event

Easter 2015

Title Achievement
Angry MouseKill all the mice as shaman on the event map
King's Pastry ChefSurvive 1 time(s) on the event map
Caramel DuchessSurvive 20 time(s) on the event map
Candy LordSurvive 30 time(s) on the event map
Cake FaceSurvive 50 time(s) on the event map

Valentine's Day 2014

Title Achievement
Alluring MouseSay 5 phrases correctly on the event map
OmelettovoreSay 10 phrases correctly on the event map
Just MarriedSay 20 phrases correctly on the event map
My Cutie PieSay 40 phrases correctly on the event map
Latin LoverSay 60 phrases correctly on the event map
Broken HeartSay 80 phrases correctly on the event map
I Cheese YouSay 100 phrases correctly on the event map
TemptressSay 150 phrases correctly on the event map
Candy AppleSay 200 phrases correctly on the event map
FiancéeSay 300 phrases correctly on the event map
HoneymoonSay 500 phrases correctly on the event map

Back to School 2015

Title Achievement
First in the classTrade 10 A+'s on the Headmaster's Office map
BookmouseTrade 30 A+'s on the Headmaster's Office map
DunceTrade 50 F's on the Headmaster's Office map
AcademicianTrade 250 A+'s on the Headmaster's Office map

Children's Day 2014

Title Achievement
Childish MouseCollect 20 flags on the Children's Day map

Children's Day 2015

Title Achievement
Model StudentPlace 50 items on the Children's Day map

Fishing Event 2013

Title Achievement
ExplorerFish in pond in the clouds
SardineFish in the ponds at the top of the cave
FishermouseFish in the ponds at the top of the forest or in the top right pond in the cave
AdorerWear the Fish bones and the Fisher hat, go to the shaman inside the cave on the fishing map and say "Elisah"

Fishing Event 2014

Title Achievement
All Aboard!Complete relic A
Best TrainerComplete relic B
Indiana MouseComplete relic C
What the FishComplete relic D
FromagicComplete relic F
Yeeehaaaa!Complete relic G
herp derpComplete relic I
Captain NemouseComplete relic J

Fishing Event 2015

Title Achievement
Dora the ExplorerComplete the Von Drekkemaus piece in the museum
Archeologist MouseComplete the bottle piece in the museum
Allan QuatermouseComplete the shaman goddess piece in the museum

Carnaval 2014

Title Achievement
Carnaval 2014Complete the Carnaval map 1 time(s)
ChurrosComplete the Carnaval map 20 time(s)
PartygoerComplete the Carnaval map 30 time(s)

Halloween Titles 2015

Title Achievement
VoldemouseTrade 1 bottle in Voldemouse's Shop on the Slots Map
Scooby-DooGet 3 carrots in the left slot machine
The CursedGet 3 carrots in the middle slot machine

Halloween Titles 2014

Title Achievement
CasperGet 3 cannonballs on the left slot machine
Pumpkin PieGet 3 skulls on the center slot machine
GhostbusterGet 3 balls on the right slot machine
ZombieDefeat the cat once
Vampire Slayer img Fortune Cookie – Use the fortune cookie anywhere to get the heart.
img Heart – In the second Halloween 2012 map, stand next to Drekkemaus and use the heart to get a ball & chain.
img Ball & Chain – Stand on the last skull in the first Halloween 2012 map, say 'halloween', and use it to get the mad face.
img Mad Face – Stand next to Buffy in the slot machines map, use the anger emote, and use the mad face to get the lollipop.
img Lollipop – In the street map, stand anywhere, cry, and use the lollipop to get the bats.
img Bats – In the attic map, stand next to the bat icon in the middle box and use the bats to get the wine bottle.
img Wine – In the 801 bar, sit at the top table with the wine bottle and use the wine to get the pumpkin carver.
img Pumpkin Carver – Dance, duck, and use the pumpkin carver on the pumpkin in the third Halloween 2012 map to get the gravestone.
img Gravestone – Sleep and use the gravestone on Drekkemaus's grave in the graveyard map to receive a card.
img Card – Stand next to Buffy, kiss her, and use the card to receive roses and a spike.
img Roses & Spike – Use the roses & spike next to Drekkemaus to receive 'Vampire Slayer'.
SpookyOn the Grim's Mansion map, eat all the pumpkins then go to the Grim Reaper
Sweet ToothEat 25 candies with white wings on the Vampire Halloween map

Halloween Titles 2013

Title Achievement
VampireDefeat the cat twice
FrankenmausPlay the slot machine on the left
Bonbon *-*Play the center slot machine
Pumpkin JuicePlay the center slot machine
Trick or TreatsPlay the slot machine on the right
PoltergeistPlay the slot machine on the right
Halloween 2012Defeat the cat once
Halloween 2013Defeat the cat once
Von DrekkemausSay "vampire" in room chat while standing under the portrait of Archain Von Drekkemaus


Title Achievement
CheezologueHigh-five 5 mice with different types of astrological cheeses on the event map
King's CakeGet the baby mouse charm on the Epiphany map
RatatouilleCollect 5
Free HugsCollect 10
GroundhogCollect 10
Lotus FlowerCollect 10
Secret AdmirerCollect 10
HarlequinCollect 10
FroggyCollect 10
ProtectoressCollect 10
PilotCollect 15

Christmas Titles 2015

Title Achievement
TartifletteReward for opening a red present

Christmas Titles 2014

Title Achievement
GingerbreadComplete relic B
WintryComplete relic H
Polar MouseComplete relic I
Big TurkeyComplete relic J
Christmas SaviorCollect all the gifts and carrots and then bring them to Santa Claus.

Christmas Titles 2013

Title Achievement
Candy CaneGive 350 presents away
Fairy LightsGive 400 presents away
Papaille NoelGive 50 presents to Papaille or Jingle on the Christmas map.
ElfetteCollect and give 100 toys to an elf on the toy factory map
Snow AngelWin 5 times on the snowball fight map

Christmas Titles 2012

Title Achievement
SnowballGive 10 presents away
I'm coldGive 40 presents away
Grilled ChestnutGive 100 presents away
ChaussetteGive 160 presents away
Souris SapinGive 240 presents away
Cookies EaterGive 500 presents away

Christmas Titles 2011

Title Achievement
Little SnowflakeBe kissed under the mistletoe 1 times
Christmas SpiritBe kissed under the mistletoe 5 times
Little PixieBe kissed under the mistletoe 15 times
Santa ClausBe kissed under the mistletoe 30 times
CookiesBe kissed under the mistletoe 45 times
Christmas CakeBe kissed under the mistletoe 60 times
WhitebeardBe kissed under the mistletoe 85 times
GenerousBe kissed under the mistletoe 100 times
SnowyBe kissed under the mistletoe 120 times
SnowstormBe kissed under the mistletoe 200 times

2011 Transformice Cosplay Contest

Title Achievement
DauphineParticipate in the 2011 Transformice cosplay contest
FoxyPlace top 5 in the 2011 Transformice cosplay contest
Miss TransformicePlace first in the 2011 Transformice cosplay contest

Transformice Meetups

Title Achievement
Souris LilloiseAttend the March 2012 Transformice meetup. The title means "Mouse from Lille." Lille is the city where the meetup was held.